12 Feb Getting to Know Our Wedding & Social Sales Manager ~ Esther Sheridan

  • Today we are getting to know our Wedding & Social Sales Manager ~ Esther Sheridan. Although some people may refer to her as a real life fairy Godmother.




How long have you worked at The Lantana?

It’s been about 38 years…I think I started in 1978?……


What are your favorite things to do on your days off?

Depending on the weather. I likbeach 2e taking walks on the beach, I go to Wollaston  or Castle Island in South Boston. I also enjoy going for an occasional night run around my town and  going to the movies. Pretty much  anything that involves  family and friends.


The easiest meal to make is……

 One from a restaurant!



If I was to get in your car right now and turn on the music, what song would come up?

 Probably something with the London Symphony Orchestra. I like any classic music it’s very relaxing and calming.


 Where would you choose to live – by the ocean, near the mountains or in the city?

 In the city, I love the city.


You have helped so many brides plan the most perfect day.. what is your favorite part the Wedding?

  It’s hard to chose between when they first see each other and the first dance.


 If you could be part of any game show, which would you pick? 


Ummmm… Jeopardy. I think that would be fun.


  I could never see myself living without….

 My family, including extendedlife-and-love-quotes-wall-art-decals-for-living-room-interior-decoration-ideas_profileand adopted