Get to Know….Tony Patino – The Lantana’s Executive Chef

03 Feb Get to Know….Tony Patino – The Lantana’s Executive Chef

   Getting to Know The Magician in the Kitchen – Our Executive Chef Tony!




Hello Chef Tony, How are you today?

I am well thank you. No complaints here! 

Chef Tony, how long have you been part of The Lantana family? 

I have been part of the Lantana since May 2009. I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years.

If you weren’t a Chef, what would your 2nd career choice be?

I would have also liked to be a Computer Engineer.


What is the ONE  dish you make that keeps people coming for more? 

I can show off with my Seafood Risotto. image

What is the one thing you absolutely positively will not eat, ever?

You will never catch me eating Cow Tongue. Thanks but no thanks!

Aside from cooking up a storm… Are there any special talents you have? 

I am a genious at playing chess. I haven’t found anybody who can beat me yet.image


If money and time wasn’t an object where would your next vacation take you?

I will defenitely pack and go to Europe. My first stop would be Holland & Italy

Do you have a favorite season?

I love Spring. Seeing everything come back to life fascinates me. 

What is your favorite Sport?

Soccer. Definetely Soccer.

Tell me something about you other people might not know?

I  love to garden! I enjoy growing my own tomatoes, basil, mint, cilantro, figs, green peas, blackberries, blueberries, ssaladtrawberries & my favorite concord grapes.