11 Mar Getting to Know – El Presidente AKA.. Captain Paul

Today we are getting to know – 

The Lantana’s El Presidente or shall we say ” Captain Paul




1.) What do you feel has been you biggest achievement?


I am proud father of 2 beautiful children. I would also have to say buying The Lantana and operating a successful business for over 20 years.

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2.) What is one thing you are passionate about?


Just one?? Let’s see,  I am most passionate about fishing… being on the water fishing.






3.) Something that might surprise people about me is……


I am a nature lover, I have become a bird watcher. I live near a River in Scituate there’s a  breathtaking bird sanctuary.

4.) I’m sure you’ve been lucky to try all the Entrees we have to offer… Which would you say is your favorite?


That’s a tough one… I love the Prime Rib – as far as meat goes. I also love the Chicken Nicole…. but then again there’s the stuffed Pork, I can’t decide.




5.) If you could go back 20 years, what would be one thing you would have done differently?

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Hmmmm. What would I do differently…? Coming from a big family I would have loved to have more children.


6.) What is the one place you have traveled to that you would love to go back and visit?


New Zealand. It’s very outdoorsy, nature , there’s a lot of fun adult extreme sports.. like bungee jumping. And the geography just breathtaking!



7.) Do you have a pet peeve?


That you can put on there? Ha…. Dishonesty.


8.) Fill in the blanks:

Since taking over the Family Business in 1996 , my biggest accomplishment has been

Successfully continuing the family business, my daughter Cailey was born the same month I bought The Lantana. I learned from my parents the importance of taking the proceeds and putting them back in the family business and I am proud to have extended the catering to other locations.


9.) If you were to permanently move to a desserted Island and can only bring  3 things…. what would they be?


Materials? I can’t bring my family? girlfriends? No? Ok in that case I would bring a Sea Kayak with fishing rods, a tent and a hammock. Life would be good.

kayak 2

10.) The most relaxing day for me would consist of …………..

Being on that stranded island with my fishing rods on my kayak or laying in that hammock.