24 Apr Meet our friends at The Event Connection

Meet our friends at The Event Connection – wedding photography experts. This fantastically talented, experienced and friendly team of professional photographers have been working with our Lantana couples for over 35 years! We had the pleasure of catching up with Richie to talk about their experiences and working as a preferred vendor with The Lantana.





What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

I’ll tell you, being the hopeless romantic that I am… When the ceremony begins and the bride walks down the aisle… that first moment when the groom sees the bride – such a powerful moment! I’ve been doing this for a long time and still to this day when the church or  ceremony doors open up, I find my self like “awe”… Such a cool moment. Gets me every time.


Are there different styles of shooting couples? 

You have to know each personality when you work with a customer. We don’t really call them customers though, they’re part of the family. It’s funny by the end of it all they call me “uncle Richie”. It’s more about listening to what they want, then I can adapt to whatever they need. I think it’s more important. You can’t go into a job whether it be DJ, Video, Photo what ever the service may be with a set of mind that says “this is how I do it, period”  and try to impose my will on you. It doesn’t work that way. You know…  you want it to be perfect.


 Are there certain shots you like to capture most? 

I’m a photographer that believes in classic photography with a contemporary flare to it and a lot of candid stuff. I love the moment in the wedding when we shoot a beautiful formal portrait of a family. You’ll  know that 25…30… 40.. 50 years from now they’ll say  “look at my great grandmother”.  At the same time… I also love when the bride and groom just got married and the bride turns around waving her flowers in the air  and goes “woo hoo” it’s a cool moment to catch that emotion too. It’s a little bit of both.


Do you have a favorite Lantana Ballroom to shoot couples?

I like the Cailey Room it’s one of my favorites. It’s an intimate beautiful room. But then again the Grand Main Ballroom….is so elegant, it’s gorgeous!


 What can a Lantana couple expect when they meet with you for the first time?

They can expect a person who will bring passion, a person who is going to bring experience shooting at The Lantana for so many years.  I know what looks the best and what angles to get. Esther always laughs… she says “I don’t know how the heck he got that picture , he was just up in the tree shooting. Well to me it’s whatever it takes to get the shot, basically.


 What do you like to know about your couples before you shoot them?

I actually like to get their personal backgrounds in regards to what they like and don’t like. It’s really important to get the feel for them. You notice sometimes certain couples are more romantic, some couples are a little more nervous you want to try to help them get to that point. You know? I love it when a couple comes in here and talks to me and while their talking to me they are holding hands. They sometimes don’t realize they’re sharing this special moment together – which is really nice.

outdoors - Couple outside fountain

 What do you like about working with The Lantana?

The professionalism. For me it’s just amazing. You can’t say enough about The Lantana. In my mind The Lantana is dollar for dollar the best value on the South Shore. It’s just amazing.

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 Are there any new trends that you would like to try in 2016?

Well it’s interesting, sometimes old trends are becoming new trends. I’ll have brides that say “I saw these great new photos  on Pinterest, can you copy these ideas.”  And I look at them and say “honey I’ve been doing that shot for 15 years, those are my original shots”. It’s like old pair of jeans… eventually they’ll come back to style.


 Do you have any funny or interesting situations that you have experienced?

Oh I have had several… Probably one of the funniest moments I’ve had in photography was when we were in the middle of a ceremony in an open air church in the Cape. When  the ceremony had started a big giant German Shepard walked in and just sat next to the groom. I was the Videographer for the wedding and the photographer says “don’t worry I’ll get rid of him” and walks up to the the dog and says “shoot,shoot!” The dog just ran around, chasing the photographer and I’m videotaping them running at least three times around the altar. Mean while the family and friends were just laughing! The bride wasn’t too happy. We ended up finding out the dog belonged to the priest! Which was pretty funny!

Another time, the priest was at the altar talking about “being married for many years” and “someday God will call you to his kingdom” and just when he said it the groom’s   cell phone went off. The priest didn’t skip a beat he said “see that’s God calling you right now! It’s pretty funny how certain JOPs or priest allows the couple’s to enjoy themselves some are more serious and straight to the point.


 Anything else you would like our Lantana couples to know about you?

I think the most important thing about  this aside from that we do photography, videography, DJ, MC, photo booth, uplighting and justice of the peace. I think the most important thing about our company is two things I always say: When you hire somebody, hire somebody who wants to do your wedding as if it were their own wedding. Which is what we love. We love our weddings. We love our couples. And most importantly our mission statement is:” SHOW UP...LOOK GOOD…HAVE A BALL AND WE’ll TAKE CARE OF THE REST”!


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