Flower Trends

When planning a wedding flowers are often a point of contention how many to have, what colors to pick, and where to put them. Looking into the 2019/2020 wedding trends these are some things to look out for. The Dahlia flower has become extremely popular recently. They are scentless which is very nice for people who have allergies or sensitive smells. Succulents have started to gain popularity. 


Hanging florals have become extremely popular and are taking over. Many weddings will have the bulk of the flowers in the air so guests will have more space on the tables. It is also a spectacular display to look at.

Flower backgrounds have become a new trend as well. It helps fill the space while looking elegant and beautiful. As well at the amazing venue it is great to have a signature spot to take photos in that will always be remembered. It helps highlight the area and makes it really pop. There are several different ways to use a flower background and each of them will always be beautifully remembered.