2019 Wedding Color Trends

10 Nov 2019 Wedding Color Trends

Wedding Color Trends for 2019

There are many different color palettes that you can choose to make your wedding day perfect. But which color scheme is the best choice for you? Here are some of the top color trends that we see for the upcoming 2019 year.

Silver Sage

Silver sage color palette will make you feel like you’re in a whimsical garden, or an enchanted forest, with these colors you can pair them with many other complementing colors to create your perfect color combinations. To get more of an earthy tone feel to your wedding neutrals would be best to pair with these colors, for example light browns, beige, taupe, or even a blush. While also achieving a neutral color palette you can also add in pops of color to your wedding to make the neutrals stand out even more. Staying on a neutral color base I would add tones of blush or mauve. But if you would like a more vibrant color to add to this color palette you can do a violet that will surly stand out. Not only are these colors great for the themes of nature, woods, or even a country rustic theme, its also a great color palette if you are looking for something simple.

Champagne Gold

Champagne gold creates a classic and glamour feel to your wedding day. Not only does it add the element of being elegant and royal, but it also adds a luxury like atmosphere. With the champagne, gold, and taupe coloring it really creates a clean elegant setting, and with these colors you can also add some colors that will also help complement them and also keep the same glamour feel effect in the wedding. The colors that really compliment the champagne gold color palette would be, gold, champagne, white, taupe, and also you can add a touch of blush or rose gold accents to the events, that will really compliment these colors. Also you can add blues to the gold and then you can create a more of a winter wonderland feeling to your wedding for the winter season. Champagne gold is a great color palette for anyone who is looking to get the great Gatsby theme to there wedding where it will add a bit of glitz and glam to the wedding.              

Dusty Rose

  The dusty rose color palette is great for any country rustic or vintage themed wedding. There are many different colors that you can combine that will help make the dusty rose color pop and make it the dominant color on your wedding day. You can pair this color with a dusty blue, grey, a pale green, or even a blush to keep the color palette more of a neutral palette. You can also add in gold accents or a rose gold color to the palette to make a more elegant feel to your wedding. This color palette even looks great with darker colors like purples and blues. You will for sure achieve any country rustic feel to your wedding with this color palette. This color palette also is great for a vintage themed wedding, seeing as the dusty rose color paired with white and green give off the vintage vibe, paired with a lace is perfect to achieve the perfect vintage theme.

Sunset Orange 

Sunset orange palette is the perfect color palette for any fall wedding. The sunset orange color palette really comes together when put together with the accent colors. This color palette not only will be perfect or that fall wedding you are planning, but also for a country rustic themed wedding. This warm color palette really ties these two themes of wedding so well together, depending on what complimentary colors you will be choosing to go along with them. To get the country feeling to this wedding some great colors to pair the orange with would be a taupe, brown, and burnt orange. This orange color palette also looks great when paired with greens, dark or a navy blue, and cranberry color just to make it stand out more and make the color more dominant during your wedding.  To really brighten your wedding day if you paired the orange with bright pinks, and purples, you then create a more tropical theme to your wedding day. The orange sunset palette has many different colors that compliment it so well that you can’t go wrong in picking this.

Sun Yellow

The sun yellow palette is a great color palette; it’s simple with the navy blue when paired with the sunflower yellow which really compliment each other. There are so many different things that can be done with this color scheme for you to really get creative with the design of your wedding. While this color palette isn’t one that you can really play with the colors, there are a few options on what you can pair these with. The sun yellow palette pairs really well with browns, some oranges, and white, along with just the yellow and navy. With this simple of a color palette it won’t take away from the wedding at all. This color palette defiantly gets you ready for the spring or even the fall season. The navy blue really makes the yellow stand out and pop making it more of the dominant color. It will for sure attract the attention of your guest and make for a great color palette.

Berry Pink

Berry pink is a color palette you can really get creative and wild with. The berry pink color palette can be paired with so many different color combinations that will let your imagine go crazy over. There are also so many different shades of the berry pink that you can choose from that other colors will also help compliment and make it really stand out. Whether you choose to go with the darker shades or the lighter shades, you will absolutely find a color that will be perfect for your wedding day. There are so many colors that all compliment each other with this color palette that if you pair the darker berry pinks with a moss green its going to feel so elegant and simple. When choosing what colors that will help compliment the berry pink just remember that the mix of the darker pinks, brighter or pale pinks, pair well together. All these color combination will really help compliment the color palette and will for sure help your wedding make a statement. The brighter pinks are perfect for heading in to the spring and summer season to really brighten up the wedding, when the darker berry colors are perfect for the fall and winter seasons, especially the fall and paired with oranges, and greens to make a perfect fall wedding effect.


The color palette purple is always a popular choice for many weddings. With this color palette you have a few different options on what you can choose for this, since it is such a versatile color to play around with. With the purple palette you can keep it all one shade of purple, or combine different shades of purple to really help compliment each other and really get creative with your wedding. Mixing the different shades of purple you can mix the dark purples with mauve, lavender, and lilac, you can also add accents of magenta depending on the colors you choose. Not only can you add different shades of purple to this color palette but you can also add in other colors that will help compliment the purple color and really make it pop and the main focal point. For example you can add whites, greens, periwinkle, and blues, to help make the purple really stand out. This purple color scheme is great for any season that you decide to have your wedding since you can choose from the deep colors to lighter colors.