Walking in a Winter Wonderland

19 Nov Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Wedding for 2019

It’s getting to that time of year where the weather outside is frightful and we just want to be taken to a winter wonderland. Winter is a great time to have a wedding and to immerse your guest into your dream fairytale winter wonderland wedding, making you and guest feel cozy and warm on a chilly winter night. So here are the top trends for the perfect winter wonderland weddings this year.

  Build Your Own Station      

The build your own stations have become more and more popular throughout the years, a build your own station is where you set up a table during your reception and your guest will be able to essentially “build their own”. For the frosty winter nights and to really keep the wonderland theme going you can keep your guest toasty with a build your own s’mores station where guest can feel like they are roasting marshmallows over a fire. Or why not try a build your own hot chocolate station, this will really warm things up with your guest feeling making them feel cozy on a winter day. These are perfect for a simple winter wedding build your own station to get you and all your guest in the winter mindset at your wedding.


One of the most important parts of the theme to your wedding is the color. It’s important that you pick out the right colors for you on your wedding so that you can make sure to tie the whole wedding together. Some great colors for a winter themed wedding would be silver, blue, green, and burgundy. Pairing these colors in the right ways will really tie the whole look of a winter wonderland together. The silver sage color palette is great if you are going for an outdoor, woodland winter feeling to your wedding. If you are looking for more of frosty color then I would choose the blues and pair them with white and silver to really bring in the frozen element to your wedding.

Stay Cozy

If you will be going from outside to inside you are going to have to bundle up to stay warm, why not feel glamorous and wear a fur coat? This will add something extra to your winter experience by not only keeping you warm from the frigid weather, it also is the perfect accessory for adding into photos that you may be taking outside. Adding in a fur coat, a shawl, or even a blanket to your photos that you will take outside will look extra cozy and make your winter wedding come to life.

Lights, Snow And We Are Ready To Go

No winter wedding would be complete without snow. Adding a touch of a snow to your wedding will bring you and your guest to a chilling winter day. You can also create your perfect winter theme with changing the lighting in the room. Making the lights a little dimmer and adding string white Christmas lights makes for a great whimsical effect, or you can have blue tone lights to make it feel like a frosty day. Also adding in string Christmas white lights will really make the room twinkle and set the mood for your wedding day. Along with the snow and lights to bring in the winter theme to your wedding you can add in wood accents and pinecones to bring the outdoors in. Not into the traditional wedding centerpieces of flowers? Why not add some candles, this will surley add a romantic wonderland setting to your wedding.

Winter Wedding Sign

Almost everyone has a sign at there wedding whether it has a saying or something simple. So why not add a winter wonderland feeling or saying to your sign to make your guest feel like they are walking down your winter wonderland wedding. Adding something simply like garland or holly can really add in the raw wintery feeling to your wedding by not only making it feel lke Christmas but also making it have woodland feeling to it as well. Also if the holly or garland doesn’t go with the vision you had in mind for your winter wedding, you can easily draw in some snowflakes to the signs or add some lights around the sign, anything to give the whimiscal wintery setting is perfect. These things also adds a little extra element to the sign, rather than just having a plain sign with your name on it.


Drip Cakes

One of the new wedding cake trends is a drip wedding cake. A drip wedding cake is when the baker takes icing or ganche and places some at the top and then lets the excess icing fall off the side of the cake creating a drip effect on the side of the cake. This cake really gives the winter feeling with the drip effect down the side of the cake, this makes it look as thought the icing is almost like icicles on the side of your cake. The drip cakes are also really simple and elegant to making it perfect for your winter wedding.

Ice Sculptures and Frozen Flowers 

What is more perfect than ice for a winter wedding? Adding in ice sculptures will create a chilly feature to your winter wedding. With so many different designs you can choose from with an ice sculputre it will surly grab your guest attention right when they walk in. And I know what your thinking frozen flowers? Yes frozen flowers you can freeze the flowers which make them look so elegant and delicate perfect for any wedding but a perfect feature for your winter wedding.