Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

04 Dec Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

The first thing that your guests are going to be seeing is the invitations that you send them. From the time they open the invitations you are already setting the scene for what your wedding will be like. Your invitation is the gateway to you wedding, it can tell whether the wedding will have a theme behind it or possible color patterns. They are the first thing to intrigue your guest to get them excited about the big day.

Where’s the Wedding?

One of the newest trends with wedding invitations are maps. Maps are the new trend to show your guest where to go and exactly where you wedding will be taking place. You can also make these a little personalized as well so it’s not just a map with a location. This type of invitation is also perfect for your guests who are from out of town. For your guest that aren’t from the area this is a perfect way to personalize the invitation more by adding in some places that are a must see by your wedding venue or adding different things to do in the area for a perfect tourist guide.

It’s all about the Envelope

 Envelope liners are something that has newly started with wedding invitations and is already taking off. Envelope liners are a design on the inside of the envelope. The design that you choose for your envelope liner can be anything, from a picture of the couple, flowers, or a simple design that will go with the theme of your wedding. Any design that you choose will look perfect for your day and really attract your guest. The liner adds something extra to the invitation and shows that you put thought into the whole invitation and detail into it. Rather than just focusing on just the invitation portion. It also looks great with a more plain invitation because it dresses it up a little more. There are so many different options to choose for this and many different combinations that can be used with this as well, when choosing the design and color of the envelopes and invitations.

Opening the gates to your wedding

Gatefold is when you have and invitation and you open the invitation from the middle and the two flaps go to either side, and all the information that you need to know is underneath in the middle. The gatefold wedding invitation is something that looks very nice and elegant and it can also comes in many different styles. Most of the gatefold are laser cut and have the small cut out designs on the flaps. But other ways can be plain or more of a texture design to your invitation. Adding the texture really makes your guest use there senses when they are holding the invitation, just making the design pop up a little is something extra to add to the invitation. you can also dress it up by adding a ribbon or bow to the middle of the gatefold so that you have to untie it to open it.  This invitation is also different from the typical wedding invitation that is normally just one piece of letter paper with the information, so you are defiantly adding in something extra with this. This invitation is a fun one to really test your creativity and see what you come up with, whether you add a ribbon to it, or you can seal it with a wax seal, whatever you choose will surly be the perfect wedding invitation.


Marble is perfect for a simple looking invitation and it also is the perfect invitation to pair with anything to make it dress up a little bit and have a more elegant feeling to it. Having a marble invitation it goes well with metallic colors, like a gold or rose gold to really make the marble stand out and shine.  There are so many wide varieties that you can choose from when customizing these invitations that will really let you get creative with it, you can make anything look that much fancier if you change the font on it. Play around with different types of fonts on your invitations and colors until you get the perfect combination for your invitation. The most common marble color is the grey and white, but there are so many different options you can choose from that will make your invitations just perfect


It’s a classic! There is nothing that looks more elegant and so simple than getting an invitation with calligraphy writing. It is so simple and looks so well put together with the simplest effort. Calligraphy can really go with any kind of invitation theme seeing as it is just the writing on the card, so it can be paired well with any type of invitation. When you choose calligraphy writing you also don’t have to make the whole invitation use this type of font, you can make just your names in the font or the top of the invitation; it is entirely up to you. Calligraphy writing is the perfect type of font for any wedding invitation as it just adds a little bit of elegance to the invitation.

Wax Seal

Adding a simple wax seal to the invitation will really make it have a royal feeling. Whether you add the wax seal to the back of the envelope it can really dress up the envelope or you add the wax seal directly to the invitation whether it be in the middle, or off to the side. It’s something that is simple but might cost you a little extra to mail it, in the end it is something different that not many people think of adding to their invitations. It will defiantly make your guest feel like they are being invited to something royal and glamorous. There are also so many different designs that can be used for the wax seal along with so many different colors of wax that may be used, you will defiantly be able to get creative with this type of invitation.

Laser Cut

Laser cut is a design that cuts shapes into the paper making little designs all over the invitation. Whether you choose to go the more intricate way with these invitation or you choose a more simple design either way this type of invitation will surly wow your guest. It really is an elegant look to any invitation and it can also be the simplest of designs as well. This creative wedding invitation design will get everyone talking before the wedding event starts.

There are so many different options that you can choose from for the wedding invitation designs, and many of these designs you can also choose more than one option for that also really complement each others and brings out the elegance in the invitations. 

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