The Perfect Dress for the New Year 2019

07 Jan The Perfect Dress for the New Year 2019

Wedding Dress Trends for the 2019 Season

Having trouble picking out the perfect dress for you special day? Finding a wedding dress can be difficult seeing as there are so many different options and so many different styles of dresses that you can choose from. Here are some of the top wedding dress styles for the 2019 season. With the new year arriving you are surley going to wow your guest and leave them in awe with the perfect wedding dress.

Sparkle, Sparkle, and more Sparkle

Want to stand out and make sure everyone is in awe of your dress then sparkles are the way to go. This wedding dress trend is surly going to attract your guest eye with the over the top sequins, to the metallic embellishments on the dress, this is dress that will attract anyone walking by. For this dress you can be bold and daring with all these sequins and sparkles added to the dress, or you can be sophisticated with little embellishments of sparkle that can be added to the dress. This type of dress can come in many different styles to also please anybody who wants to shine on there wedding day.


Flowers have been a trend for a while now and now they are adding a twist on a traditional trend to a modern tradition. With the floral trend texture is key; the texture adds a 3-D effect to your dress and really makes it pop. This modern twist to the traditional wedding dress is sure to have an elegant feeling, with this coming in many styles as well its sure to please any bride. Also if you would like to have a more vintage look to your wedding dress then the flowers are the way to go whether you choose the modern way or the traditional flower wedding dress, its sure to be perfect.

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns have always been around but now they are bolder than ever. If your going for you Cinderella moment than this is the style for you. These styles are bold and dramatic and come in many different types of styles so that you are sure to find the right fit for you. Ball gowns are big and dramatic so it’s sure to make everyone stop and look when you make your grand entrance. Everyone’s head will be spinning with all the attention on you when you choose this style of dress.


Not really a dress fan? Need to get out of that dress so you can dance on the dance floor? Than a jumpsuit is for you, this option is perfect for not only a city hall classic but is also perfect for a rehearsal dinner outfit, or a modern ceremony. These are figure flattering, and also are comfortable for whether you are changing into them to go to your reception party, or if you are wearing it instead of a dress. The jumpsuit is sure to achieve a modern and sophisticated look.


No veil? No problem, capes are the newest trend; they are perfect and come in many different lengths and styles. Capes are not only fashionable but they also help add movement to your dress on you wedding day. Whether you choose a bridal cape or a shorter cape it’s the perfect alternative to a veil, and will catch all your guest attention.

Short Dress

Not only is a short dress perfect for your after party or reception, it’s also a great alternative to wearing a longer dress during your ceremony. If you’re not the type of person to wear floor length dresses than this is the perfect option for you. You don’t have to have this dress go that short you can have the dress go up to the knee or it can be a mid-length dress, to be more conservative. This dress is also a great option to change into for your reception since it will give you more room to move around in and be more comfortable than you wedding dress.

Plunging Neckline

This dress is a must try for any bride who is looking for dresses. It’s perfect and modern and also flatters your upper body, while also elongating your frame. The plunging neckline comes in many different variations, whether the V is super low, or higher up, or if there is lace or no lace, this dress comes in so many different styles and ways that you are surly going to find one that you like.

Puffy Sleeves

Better than ever before puffy sleeves are making a comeback! These puffy sleeves give a romantic vibe and come in many different styles, whether you choose a formfitting silhouette or a ball gown. Not only does this dress come in many different silhouette styles but you can also choose how you would like the sleeves on the dress as well, whether it is off the shoulder, or on the shoulder. There are so many options with this type of wedding dress that they are endless.

Skinny Straps

With this dress being similar to a strapless neckline dress, it offers more support with the straps, if needed. This dress is perfect for the bride who really doesn’t want a strapless dress on her wedding day, and would like some support in her dress. Not only does this dress come like a strapless neckline it also comes many different ways, and styles.


Want to add some flair to your wedding day? Well then this is the dress for you; this dress doesn’t have a train or full skirt but defiantly catches everyone’s eye. With it moving with every move you make, but not adding more weight to the dress, it has a whimsical feeling to it with the fringe embroidery added to the dress.

With these styles there are also many different ways that can be combined, so you could have more than one of these styles made into one dress, for the perfect dress for 2019. Want a plunging neckline with puffy sleeves? A ball gown with flowers? The limit is endless with all the different options that can happen with these styles.